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Hey Its Jessica Glenza With All answer Of your question about The Prove My Profits. Like every month new bogus software is exposed in the market and blacklisted as scam software in the world of automated trading software. Like Prove My Profits is one of the latest automated trading software which has been stealing the money of innocent traders, especially those who have very less knowledge in trading. Most of the time these new traders failed to recognize the real automated trading system, they simply end up trading with the bogus system.   simply end up trading with the bogus system.

Prove My Profits is founded and created by Ted Morgan says that he is happy to see you in the membership area as you are among one of those few people who has registered into the page of the system. As soon as you complete it seen you will be able to retain the 37 remaining spots of membership. In the meant time he keeps on saying that 69 people have already finished the registration.

website: ProveMyProfits.com


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Who Is Ted Morgan? Why Prove My Profits System A Scam ?

Ted Morgan is the presenter and alleged owner of Prove My Profits system. But is this true? Definitely not. If you have been keen enough, you will realize that Ted Morgan has been featured in other scam video presentations but under different names. This clearly tells you that he is a professional actor who makes money by doing such presentations. This disqualifies him as the owner of Prove My Profits App. Anything involving paid actors is scam.

Another proof that Ted Morgan is not the owner of this scam software is the fact that there is no credible information from social media and third party sites which relates him to Prove My Profits System.

What Does Ted Morgan Say?

Ted Morgan says that Prove My Profits review software is not one of those money stealing schemes that feature fancy cars, rented mansions, exotic locations and so on. Ironically, these are the same things we see in the video presentation. He is only proving to us that his alleged software is scam. He is not a smart liar. He is trying to employ a technique called reverse psychology.

According to Ted Morgan, PMP is a zero loss software. This is completely false. Whether you are a newbie or experienced trader, you need to understand that there is no such thing as zero loss software. In binary option trading, there are two possible outcomes; winning and losing. If you are an expert trader or using a top performing auto trader, chances of winning are high. But you will lose some trades. That is the reality. Anything other than this is false.

Ted Morgan also says that success is guaranteed with Prove My Profits platform. What a lie? There is no guarantee in binary option trading. The truth of the matter is that many people register losses at the beginning of their trading career until they learn about basics of successful binary option trading. That is; choosing the right broker, developing and maintaining a winning strategy and using legit and trusted system especially for those who want to trade on auto pilot. You can make good money but success is not always guaranteed especially when you use scam software’s like Prove My Profits system.

According to the presenter, the Prove My Profits software algorithm was created by Trader X. This raises doubt. Why doesn’t he mention his real name? We can easily conclude that Trader X is just a fictitious character. We cannot trust a software whose algorithm was created by a fake identity. Besides, there is no solid information regarding the way the algorithm works.

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 How Does Prove My Profits Software Work?

According to Prove My Profits Website (http://provemyprofits.com), PMP uses a web based platform. It features profit multiplier and profit protector. Let’s debunk these bogus and strange features.

Profit protector is designed to prevent you from making losses. One thing you need to know about binary option trading is that stopping or preventing a loss when a trade has already been placed is totally impossible. The outcome depends on the direction the price moves. If you buy a call option and price rises at time of expiry, you win. If you buy put option and the price goes down, you win. T This clearly shows that there is no feature that can stop loss.

Profit multiplier is meant to double up your profits. It is the same as applying Martingale strategy. If you have tried this strategy, you know how risky it is. Your account will be wiped out within a short period of time. In other words, profit multiplier function will only work to your disadvantage.

100% Accuracy With Prove My Profits Software ? Complete Lie !!


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According to the presenter, Prove My Profits Software is 100% accurate. This is completely false. The financial market cannot be predicted by 100% accuracy. It is constantly being affected by weather and other environmental factors. That is why even with the best trading strategy, you will not be able to make consistent profits on daily basis. The best performing auto traders in the market today have an accuracy of about 80%. We don’t expect a scam software to do better.

Prove My Profits generates $7,250 per day: Is it possible???

Trading with the Prove My Profits you will be able to generate an amount of $7,250 on a daily basis which is just unbelievable profits. You know what Mr. Ted Morgan is simply making unpleasant claims saying that using the system you can earn at least $5000 on daily basis in just a short period of time. These promises are not worthy but filled with so much of lies just for the intention of making you invest your entire money into their bogus software.


Mr. Ted Morgan mentioned that his software can generate the best trade signals and has a win-rate with 86 % successful trade. It is false information just for earning the popularity among new traders so that they will easily fall into their traps.

Unbelievable Live Session & Push Into Registration Tactics

The Prove My Profits review video presentation features unbelievable live session. We are shown somebody’s account which grows from $250 to $24,000 in one hour. This is totally impossible. Scammers behind this service want you to believe that you will be able to get incredible profits when you sign up with Prove My Profits Scam. There is a message which pops up every time asking you to sign up , get access to next page and start making money now. This only happens in scam software websites.

Fabricated reviews of Prove My Profits: Stolen stock images!!!

In the reviews, of the profit Replicator, a guy named as Bob Patrick mentioned that this software. It is perhaps one of the best software that he has ever come across in entire career since the past 20 years of trade experiences. It seems he has earned huge amount of money in just a short period of time which is just beyond your expectation.

If you just make some serious investigation on the statement of this guy you will be shocked just like me. As I have made some Google search on Bob Patrick and found out that the photo has been misused. It is just a stolen stock images posted on the web page of Prove My Profits for fooling new innocent traders to make them look like genuine system.

 Is Prove My Profits A Scam?

Yes. It is full of lies and misleading statements which we have exposed. For example no losses, guaranteed success, profit protector feature and more. Also Prove my profits App has been blacklisted on many reputable sites.

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Conclusion :

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Prove My Profits is a fake money making software in the name of automated trading software. It is quite decorated with lots of trapped hidden inside which you are now aware of the loopholes present in the bogus software. You should not waste your time on such products which come out every month with a scam artist as the owner of the binary options software with a fake identity.

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