Neuro Trader By Intellix Systems Scam Review

Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Neuro Trader review. This Neuro Trader review  makes it clear that Intellix Systems is a Scam company formed to loot traders money!. We are not regretting for calling the Neuro Trader software a scam. Have you ever heard this tale that narrated how a certain man had a Goose that laid Golden eggs for him? Apparently, that is where the voice over CEO of this imaginary Intellix Systems company is leading us to. It is a very questionable presentation. In fact, after you complete this short read, you will be convinced that the only thing you will hold on to is a Goose egg for an account balance.

According to Intellix Systems, the software works on what he called artificial intelligence. The Neuro Trader team claims that the software was released in 2015 when it was then used for alpha testing. The CEO States that the Neuro Trader system has been in existence for the past eighteen months and that he has good stories to tell about this software. According to Jeff Blumenthal , the Neuro Trader system has earned more than $2.4 in profits for various people using it for the past one year and six months. We are certain that this claim is misleading because there is no single evidence anywhere to substantiate that claim. Even where claims are available, they are often fabricated.

There is no factual information or reviews supporting the allegations that the Neuro Trader App will generate for you $10,000 every single day without fail. Even bloggers and reviewers who support this kind of thing don’t have any evidence to back up the alleged riches. And that is why we launched another investigation into the so-called Neuro Trader platform and the alleged Intellix System company. We reveal that this is just another piece of robot that joined the ever growing list of get-rich-quick schemes.

Website : Intellixsystems.com


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Is Neuro Trader a Scam Really ? Intellix Systems Review !!

After watching this voice over acting and perusing the Intellix Systems site for a while, we sensed that many people were burning with the desire to make $10,000 a day with Neuro Trader signals. Even though anything and everything is possible, the average investor will never see these figures. Perhaps the average but wealthy individual willing to try their hands on trading for the first time will risk a boat-load of money on this software with the false expectation of making $10k a day. Unfortunately, that individual would soon find out that Neuro Trader software is not anything close to what is being preached in the sales video.

Remember that the aim of such scam videos is to get you funding your account as fast as lightning. That is the root-cause of all lies that thrive on the Neuro Trader review website. It is also the reason why you are being told that this revolutionary and Artificial Intelligence software has a 0% loss rate. At this point, you realize that lying is what the person behind the Neuro Trader App is doing best to catch your attention.

You should have more reasons to worry if someone claims that you will make $10k each day without any trading knowledge and background. $10K each day is guaranteed with this software, yet we know very well that this can only happen in your dreams.

Then we come to a very interesting point. We learn that the Neuro Trader system is free. All you have to do is watch the crappy Intellix system video and then get a chance to access the money-making machine free of charge. You will then change your life by becoming a millionaire in a few months from now. This one sounds like a fairy tale and is 100% proof of SCAM, don’t you think?

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What’s the ridiculous excuse being used here as claim of fame? Well, we find that the unique quality of this piece of software is the infamous 3 point pattern as used by other scams. That is to say that we have the promise of an intelligence algorithm which is able to analyze billions of market variables to make an informed decision. Secondly, we are told that this Neuro Trader review software is equipped with the concept of artificial intelligence so that it will always learn from the past trades. Thirdly, the alleged win rate is 100% — the highest we have seen and heard in the industry so far.

Do not be fooled. We realize that the design of this Intellix system is working strangely against you. Other than discovering that this is a universal robot, we also took note of the fact that it was used in similar projects named the Hexa Trader, the Leaked Profits, and Profits Perpetual. That is to say that the people behind the Neuro Trader program just created a logo and gave it a new color with an intention of repacking the suspect software and pushing it to you as is.

No doubt, the ITM rate of this Neuro Trader scam robot is unreachable. You know this for a fact. The Intellix Systems algorithm which is being used here is not a ‘’thinking’’ one, and this is contrary to what is being announced on the website.

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Other than this, we also reviewed the allegations that the Neuro Trader Algorithm was able to act based on news releases. It is supposed to pull all the relevant news from social media and other sources so that this information can be analyzed in real time. This is the basis for saying that the software can never lose a trade rain or shine. Do you see why this is cheap talk? It all amounts to nonsense because we don’t have facts to hold on to.

Fake Neuro Trader CEO – Mr.Jeff Blumenthal of Intellix Systems is An Actor !!


Jeff Blumenthal, who are you? Apparently the infomercial doesn’t show his face because they chose to do it in voice over acting, why? We don’t know yet. But we can guess that this guy probably knows that he is scamming people, and he is a little bit uncomfortable with being called out on it.

The pictures of Prof. Martin Schelling and this woman called De Veere are nothing but stock photos. The true founder of Intellix Systems website is an underground criminal. We actually have to use our own imagination to figure him out – just like this non-existent team of brains who used their imagination to come up with no-loss software called Intellix Systems or Neuro Trader Scam for that matter.

And because this voice-only CEO seems to be thriving so much behind the curtains, our theory is that it was purposely done to prevent watch dog sites from busting him. There are several red flags already, and when you connect all the dots, we end up with a perfect picture of what a scam would look like.

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Conclusion :

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Whenever you feel like laughing, go ahead and visit the Neuro trader review website, but don’t you dare fall for it. You will regret it your entire existence. This Intellix systems does not even function. It is completely slow, so slow that is laughable as well.

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