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Hey Its Jessica Glenza With All answer Of your question about The Aurum Tech Review. The Aurum Tech App by Marco Shoemaker is a pure scam that you need to avoid at all costs. In this review, we provide concrete evidence gathered by our investigators revealing to you why Aurum Tech signals is a scam. This software passes itself as an auto trading binary options app that uses a revolutionary technology known as Near Orion Speed.

Marco Shoemaker claim to be the founder of Aurum Tech scam which an auto is trading binary options platform that promises traders millions of dollars in just two months. In the video found at AurumCorp.co website, Marco Shoemaker claims that the Aurum Tech software can generate at least $14,000 in a day while on auto pilot mode.

They further proclaim that the Aurum Tech program is the most innovative auto trading robot which provides accurate results on a daily basis. The first thing we noticed was that the video found at Aurum Tech website was lengthy. Even after we registered with a dummy email, one has to endure two more video presentations and by the end of it, our investigators could not grasp how it works.

After Marco Shoemaker introduce himself, he provide a review screenshot that displays $16,378,816.29 claiming to be the earnings of one of the members. Isn’t this a breach of privacy where a member’s earnings are revealed in public without their knowledge? Even though the name of the member is not revealed and Aurum Corp website aka Aurum Tech is just a scam, it would be more convincing to provide a value rather than display the account of a member.

After all, they want to steal your money, and no amount of fancy video will distract us from making this very clear. Hopefully this Aurum Tech review will go some distance in exposing them for the frauds they are, and make it very clear that everyone shouldn’t ever consider investing with this group.

Website: www.AurumCorp.co


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The Aurum Tech Review : Exposing the Aurum Tech Scam !!

Those unfortunate enough to endure the Aurum Tech review presentation will note all the classic signs that this is another binary scam. We’re supposed to believe that the actor playing the role of ‘Marco Shoemaker’ – the alleged CEO – has come across a magical financial formula that ensures trading success. Before long we’ll all be hopping onto private jets and enjoying a life of luxury…

It’s a familiar story that has absolutely no basis in truth. Given that ‘Shoemaker’ is a supposed financial genius, then why would he be marketing his amazing product via spam emails? Is it in any sense likely that he and his mysterious team of boffins somehow came up with market-busting software anyway? Of course it isn’t, and this is why the Aurum Tech project stumbles at the first hurdle.

Just like many scams reviewed beforehand, the Aurum Tech INC fails through its sheer incredulity. Potential investors are led to believe that the Aurum Tech software is flawless, and will earn staggering amounts of money on auto-pilot alone. Quite simply – that doesn’t happen! No software ever developed to suggest profitable binary signals has ever delivered more than a 80-90% success rate. This includes genuine, legit binary traders all of whom will be very frank and open about the potential risks in using their products.

What our readers need to know is that becoming a millionaire overnight is not possible. It is even harder to trade on the binary options market and expect to earn the thousands of dollars advertised by Marco Shoemaker. What one needs to know is that there are so many scammers out there who spend hours searching and buying domain names then hosting a website with the purpose of duping online users. They advertise their scams as the greatest money making venture to have been recently discovered and they want to share the secret with you.

Since scammers use email marketers to spread “invites” of their Aurum Tech scam, they do this in order to prove to you that you have been personally selected among the millions of people around the world. All they advertise are lies and you cannot make the amount of money being advertised by the so-called founders.

So Who Is Marco Shoemaker ? The FAKE Aurum Tech CEO Busted !!

The alleged mastermind behind the Aurum Tech system is literally untraceable. It’d be fair to assume that someone claiming to have this level of expertise and contacts would be traceable – but no. The truth is much more unsavory.

After plenty of searching for Shoemaker, we found that the man claiming to be him has been involved in quite a few binary frauds. The gentleman playing the role has previously been the head of all sorts of other scams, which obviously proves that the Aurum Tech system isn’t close to being trustworthy. Without delving into the morality of the issue – after all we’ve all bills to pay – it’s rather unscrupulous that the actor will take on multiple scam roles and try to fob off fraudulent software.

It’s a common trick, and hardly original. Just in case anyone is doubting this, then try reverse Google imaging on the alleged testimonies and reviews that support the Aurum Tech website. Every single one of those profile pictures is ripped from the web. The same faces are seen advertising all sorts of services – which again begs the question. Would you invest with demonstrable liars?

Let’s learn more about Marco Shoemaker of Aurum Tech App?

From the word go, you would think that Marco Shoemaker is a respectable person who are on a vacation or sightseeing journey around London. The Aurum Tech video is captured along River Thames where the background plays a big part of their convincing story. Yes, they are in London but that does not mean what they are saying is true. From the word go, Marco Shoemaker begins by saying that one can earn millions of dollars just before the year ends which is less than two months. Is this possible? Stick around and find out in our explosive Aurum Tech review.

Marco Shoemaker claim to be the founder of Aurum Tech scam which is a binary options trading platform that promises one $14,000 every day. As a binary options trading platform, it works on auto pilot mode which means traders will make money from Aurum Tech signals without lifting a finger. Do you think this is true? Check out the evidence gathered by our investigators.


Fake Exposure About Aurum Tech System is News Websites !!

A worrying trend of late has been the craftiness that scams such as Aurum Tech App have been able to infiltrate social media. In most cases – and especially this one – they do so by claiming false media exposure. This is supposed to make them appear legitimate, but in fact actually underscores the fact that they’re just crooks. In the case of Aurum Tech Platform we’re supposed to believe they’ve been the focus on plenty of international media.

If this were true, and the Aurum Tech review software actually worked, you can bet that it would be worldwide news. However, it doesn’t and no media agency (Wall St Press, Sky etc) claimed to be associated with them has a the foggiest idea about them. So it’s safe to say that they’ve imagined such interest up, as they have with their CEO and alleged happy investors. Quite clearly the Aurum Tech Software cannot be trusted!

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Why Aurum Tech is a Scam? Evidences below!

Resurrected scam : Aurum Tech Software Is Built on Lies !!

When you visit Aurum Tech review website, you will find a landing page where a video auto plays presenting you with the founders of this Application. Marco Shoemaker claim that Aurum Tech is an auto trading binary options platform that promises one thousands of dollars in profits each day. This is one lie about the Aurum Tech App. A look at the member’s area reveals a non-working platform that redirects you to third party brokers. These brokers will steal your deposit while scammers behind Aurum Tech App will earn commission.

The Aurum Tech website claims that only 10 spots are left. Even when watching the video, you will be bombarded by pop ups at the bottom right corner informing you that a certain guy has joined the system. If you try to navigate away from the Aurum Tech software, an email opt-in form informs you that only 1 spot is left. A look at the previous counter reveals the 10 spots are still available.

Fake Actors in AurumCorp.co Website Exposed !!

In our revealing Aurum Tech review, we told you that Marco Shoemaker appear like a respectable person on a sightseeing tour along the Thames River in London. This is the image that scammers behind Aurum Tech scam want to show you. Our investigators were able to see behind the veil of lies as they have had years of experience for spotting scams like Aurum Tech.

They carried out an in-depth investigation on Marco Shoemaker. The first place they began was the internet. The company – Aurum Tech – does not exist as it is not registered. We used contacts in UK to find out this information. After that debacle, we checked out their social media accounts. For people who claim to have earned millions of dollars from the Aurum Tech scam, they lack social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Isn’t social media engagement a great way to promote product and services?

The last place our investigators checked is Fiverr. It is a micro job site that allows people to ply their trade from writing jobs to translation and paid reviews. We found their profiles and as they claimed to be brother and sister, in real life, they are not. They are basically actors hired by scammers behind Aurum Tech Autotrader to pretend to be founders.


Fake promises of Aurum Tech Website : No HTTPS !!

It is common for platforms that accept deposits from members to secure its platform. A look at Aurum Tech website will reveal this not to be true. It has the HTTP header rather than the secure HTTPS. They have posted badges from reputable security companies to prove to you that the platform is secure. It is not, the badges have been stolen from other websites

Conclusion :

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We admit that the presentation page aurumcorp.co is looking very convincing. All those expensive toys and professional video really brings lots of authority to the service. However in our opinion we should all avoid this trading solution for our own good. We remember the Push Money APP very well, and there we have similar high budget production, which managed to trick hundreds of new traders! As we explained above, too good to be true offers do not walk hand in hand with online trading. Furthermore, keep in mind that services, which rely on flashy presentations but give no intelligent intel about how their trading platforms are proven un-reliable! On top of everything we have countless fake testimonials and phony company names and manager name. In addition, we noticed that the bogus system is available World Wide, that’s why we hope that this warning review will reach more people. Here is the time to ask for your help, please share this article in order to help us warn more people!

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